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Evelyn Guza's famous Czarnina noodles!!

Evelyn Guza’s famous Czarnina noodles!!

Looking Forward to the Polish Food

Been busy making Czarnina noodles this last weekend. Mom has been making some Paczki’s and will make the Czarnina soup later this weekend. I forget who’s making the Pierogi’s this year. Is that you Linda? In the past my Grandmother some how managed to make all of the Polish Food for our get togethers, now the task has been spread out between many families. Don’t know how she did it.

Polish Days Info

According to the Polish Days and Community Club Facebook page, tickets are going to be sold for beer and all of the food the Ivanhoe Community Club is involved with.  They are looking for people to help sell tickets.  They need workers from Friday night through Sunday night.  If anyone is willing to help out, contact Sherry Rost at 694-1575 (home) or 694-1333.  I’m assuming both of these numbers are in Ivanhoe with a 507 area code.

The theme for this years parade is “Working 9 to 5″.  It will be interesting to see what people come up with for this year.

Thanks to all of the people who put on the Ivanhoe Polish Days event.  There’s a lot of stuff going on and it takes a lot of effort to coordinate and make all of the stuff happen.  Again, thanks to all involved!!

 Schedule Of Events

Click here to see the schedule of events!!

It’s Time for Polish Days Again!!

Its hard to believe a year has gone by already.

Polish Days is shaping up again with many of the same events we enjoy; softball tournament, Polish food, parade, fireworks, music, and all of the other activities that take place at Gilson Field and around town.

The theme for this years parade is “Working 9 to 5”.  It will be interesting to see what people come up with for this year.

Thanks to all of the people who put Polish Days together!!

It takes a lot of work to put Polish Days together.  Planning for the event starts as soon as one is wrapped up.

A lot effort goes into the planning and organizing all of the events, supplies, materials, and food and everything else.  Everything has to be ordered, stored, moved, and put out for all of the events.  In addition to that, it takes people to make it happen.  People to set up, work the events, tear down when done and continuous clean up through out the three days.

If there is anything you can do, the Ivanhoe Community Club would love to hear how you can help.  If you would like to volunteer, please call Scott or Sherry at (507) 694-1333.

Polska Kielbasa Days 2014 Flyer

Flyer and Schedule for Ivanhoe’s 42nd Polska Kielbasa Days 2014 (click on image for larger view)

Click here to view the schedule page!!


Bill Gropel celebrates 50th Wedding Aniversary

Bill Gropel celebrating his 50th Wedding Anniversary in 2013

Willard (Bill) James Gropel passed away this morning (5/5/2014).  Bill had been battling cancer on and off over the last couple of years.  During the summer of 2012 he was diagnosed with lung cancer and was successfully treated.  Then during the summer of 2013, he was diagnosed with small cell cancer in his other lung.  Again, it was treated with chemo and radiation.  After that treatment he was to receive follow up scans to determine the effectiveness of the treatments.  At his six month scan he was clear.  If he was clear at his twelve month scan, he would have been declared cancer free.  His twelve month scan was a few weeks ago and the small cell cancer had returned.

In front of the Hardware Hank store in Ivanhoe, Mn

Bill in front of the Hardware Hank store in Ivanhoe, Mn with his parents and his brother. Bill is the taller boy.

Bill was born to the late Stein and Phyllis (Grim) Gropel, Jan. 25, 1942, in Marion South Dakota.  His family moved to Ivanhoe, MN in 1946.  Bill graduated from Ivanhoe High School in 1960.  He married Florence (Guza) Gropel May 4, 1963.  Bill and Florence met in kindergarten.

He graduated from IBM School and worked in Omaha before moving to Sioux Falls to join Western Surety’s IBM dept.  He worked at Best Business products and Sioux City Brick and Tile and then joined the sales team for Minnesota Paint Co.  He was promoted to Brand Manager at Valspar Paint Company in Minneapolis in 1977, where he worked for 21 years retiring in 1998.

Bill and Flo in the 80's

Bill and Florence Gropel from around the 1980’s.

Bill had many talents and interests.  He had a passion for music – and was an avid music collector of 45 records, and has collected thousands.  He was a talented craftsmen and was always willing to help out on family projects from finishing a basement to painting a house.  Bill could fix anything, and if it wasn’t broken, he could make it even better, always reinventing or finding new uses for things and would use many of the odds and ends he collected. He always had people smiling at his Ollie and Lena jokes and of course his puns.

Bill is survived by his wife Florence of 51 years.  Three children: Lance Gropel of Maplewood, Lee (Jay) Gropel Swenson of Orono and Dawn (Dave) Condon of Orono. One brother Greg (Jane) Gropel.  He also is survived by four grandchildren; Claire Condon, Paige Condon and Eli Gropel and Billy Swenson. Eight step-grandchildren: Jessica Condon, Sarah Swenson, Elisa Swenson, Minnie Swenson, Noah Swenson, Natalie Swenson, Jillie Swenson and Calvin Swenson. Two step great-grandchildren: Brooklynn Condon and Carter Condon.

He was preceded in death by his parents, daughter Karey, and son Mark.

Bill and the family

Bill pictured with his wife, three children (and spouses), eleven grandchildren and two great-grandchildren.